Sleep And Health

How does pregnancy impact sleep?

Learn how to sleep when pregnant. As your body changes during pregnancy, so will your sleeping patterns and sleeping position. During your first trimester, you will likely feel more tired than usual, as a result of changing hormone levels and … Continue reading  »

Why does my pain increase at night?

Why does my back, shoulder, or hip pain increase during the night? Learn how to sleep better with lower back pain. Pain is caused by a variety of factors ranging from posture, physical activity, illness, and sleeping position. Just as sitting at your desk all day in a … Continue reading  »

Sleep Apnea

Can a sleep position help you stop snoring? According to an article posted by the University of Maryland Medical Center, of all the lifestyle changes recommended by a sleep professional, a simple change in body position while … Continue reading  »

Sleep Position

Can a sleeping position improve your health? Anthropologists will tell you that the way we sleep is a cultural thing. From hammocks in the Amazon to tatami mats in Japan, sleep positions and beds vary from country to country. Sleep … Continue reading  »

Good Sleep For Good Health

Sleep is an unspoken factor in many health related issues. In the following pages, we’ve highlighted some commonly asked questions about sleep and health. If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to ask us … Continue reading  »