Anatomy of a great bed

A great bed is more than just a mattress. Ours is an entire system that adds luxury and health to your life.* It’s easier to explain everything in person, so call us. Or download our detailed guide to learn more.

Dream Cells

Our Dreamcell™ Mattress.
Truly Radical.

You’ve never seen a mattress like this before. Firmness can be customized according to your size, sleeping position, preferences and any health issues. This includes both sides of the mattress, so your partner gets his or her way, too. Questions? Let’s chat.

Dream Cells

Those little foam springs.
They're everything.

Those four fun colors mean something – different firmness levels, from extra soft to firm. Each DreamCell™ spring is arranged within the mattress to meet your specific support needs. If your needs change, pop the cells out and rearrange them.

Dream Cells

Choose how your mattress feels. And more.

Touch is subjective, so we have two firmness feels to choose from. Our new hybrid mattresses give you the plush feel of memory foam without the heat. Or choose our light, buoyant natural latex mattresses, which repel allergens and also sleep cool. For couples who want independent movement on their power bases, there’s our new DreamTop mattress.

Dream Cells

An infinitely adjustable power base.
You need one.

For great sleep, the right position is crucial. With subtle adjustments, our adjustable power bases help you find your own sweet spots for sleeping, reading, to help alleviate snoring, back pain and more.

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    Zero Gravity
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    Feet Up

Massage every night?
You could get used to this.

Using the principle of resonant frequency, we’ve developed a high definition massage with up to four wave patterns and ten levels of intensity. Soothes sore muscles, increases circulation or gently lulls you to sleep. Or all three.

iPhone App

New Nightstand app for iOS.
Just wow.

Program various positions with settings to run automatically, one after the other. Or set it to wake you up in the morning by raising the head of the bed. Find configuration diagrams, connect with customer service and more.

iPhone App

Try it. no worries.

Try the sleep system at home for up to 101 Nights with no fees and no risk, including free White Glove delivery. White glove delivery and 101 Nights in home trial are available only if you buy directly from Reverie. Full refund and pickup if not satisfied. Some restrictions apply. See details.

*Features vary by model