At Reverie, we are all about providing a customized, high-quality sleep experience for each and every one of our customers. Because of this commitment to customization, we offer two different types of mattress that are designed from top to bottom to meet the preferences of any sleeper. Wondering how that’s possible? Read on ahead.

Hybrid? Natural?

So...what’s the difference? While our two types of mattresses look pretty similar on the outside, like a good PC or a good friend, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. 

Our Dream Supreme II Natural mattress is made with all-natural latex, and has a more buoyant, responsive feel to it. One of the defining benefits of latex is its heat-dispersing quality, aided by the pinholes built into the latex layer of our Natural mattress, which increases airflow. 

Our Dream Supreme II Hybrid provides the luxurious softness of memory foam, but what makes it a “hybrid” is the layer of natural latex placed between the memory foam and you, in order to help disperse some of the heat which memory foam naturally tends to trap. This way, you can get the best of both worlds—the body-swaddling cushion of memory foam without the overheating.

Which one is right for me?

That’s a very important question, and we can help you answer that by first asking three other questions:

  • Do you tend to sleep hot?
  • While the Dream Supreme II Hybrid’s latex layer does help to disperse some heat, the Natural is guaranteed to keep heat away. If overheating tends to rob you of a good night’s sleep, this factor can’t be underestimated.
  • What is your mattress firmness preference?
  • If you prefer a softer mattress that hugs you close after a long day, the Hybrid may be more up your alley. The Natural isn’t stiff by any means, but it does keep you afloat on the surface rather than letting you sink down into the bed.
  • Do you deal with back pain?
  • If your current mattress is hurting your back or you tend to favor sleeping on your back, this is also something that should weigh into your decision. Our firmer Natural mattress would be best for either dealing with back pain or needing support for a back sleeper. 

The reason a more resilient surface works best is that your spine has a natural curvature, and if you’re currently experiencing back pain or spending most of the night on your back, you’ll want to have a firmer surface that keeps your back straight, rather than letting it bend at an angle that’s unhealthy for your spine.

Your bed, your way

The good news is that, no matter which of our unique Reverie mattresses you choose, you can rest assured that you’re getting a diligently-crafted mattress equipped with our patented DreamCell®️ technology. The DreamCell layer, located at the base of both our Hybrid and Natural mattresses, consists of individual foam springs that are available in four different firmness levels, and can be customized from head to toe at the time of purchase, as well as easily configured later on if your needs ever change. That’s why we’re confident that whatever Reverie mattress you choose, it will have your back (or side, or stomach, or whatever position you love to sleep in!).