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Power Base Videos

Where is my Reverie base serial number and product code?

My remote isn't turning on

My remote is lighting up but doesn't control the base

How to manually pair a remote (top view)

How to manually pair a remote (under the bed view)

Adjustable Power Base Set Up: Pairing a Bluetooth Remote

Remote Lock Function

Tandem Toggle Function Tutorial

How do I pair my remote to operate both sides of the bed?

Power Source Dos and Don'ts

Power Bases Parts 101
Reverie 3-in-1 Adjustable Legs

How to safely lift your Reverie Adjustable Bed Base

Help! My bed is stuck in an upright position

OSO Power Base Troubleshooting Videos

Where is my Reverie OSO base serial number and product code?

How do I pair my O300T remote to the adjustable base?

Installation Troubleshooting Videos

Overview of the 110 Control Box

Overview of the 206 Control Box

How to Replace a Reverie Massage Motor

208 Control Box Installation

208 Control Box Troubleshooting

Reverie Support: How to install your new Upgrade Package

Reverie Mattresses Videos

Why You Need a Reverie DreamCell® Mattress

How to Reconfigure a Reverie Dream Mattress

Mattress Configurator on the Reverie Nightstand App

Mattress Cover Replacement

Reverie Nightstand App Tutorial Videos


How to Set a Routine

Operating Massage

Comfort Settings

Pairing Your Bed to Nightstand

Setting Positions