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I’m confused about reconfigurable mattresses. Can you explain?

Our mattresses are radically different, so that’s understandable. Think of the support system as modular. Instead of metal coils, we use movable natural foam springs. These springs come in densities from Extra Soft to Firm, with over 200 of them in mattresses Queen size or larger. Each mattress has a set number of springs in all four densities, and they can be arranged in detailed patterns to match different body types and health conditions. After consulting with a Sleep Specialist, we custom-build your mattress in Soft, Medium or Firm on your side of the mattress, and the same for your partner. Most people are perfectly comfortable with these arrangements and never change them. However, if you have specific pain points or a less common body type (for example, super tall, petite, over 300 lbs.), you have the option to tweak it further. You simply unzip the mattress and rearrange the foam springs to adjust the firmness. If you have a sore back, you might want more support there, so you could swap out the pre-arranged springs in the back area for yellow or green springs. If you like it cushy where your head is, you might swap out the springs there for pink springs. All the springs you need are already in your mattress, it’s just a matter of moving them around. This can also come in handy for life changes like pregnancy or surgery. Please find configurations for your mattress on the Mattress Product Detail Pages under "Downloads".

The DreamTop™ looks interesting. But what about the sheets?

We carry specially made sheets for DreamTop mattresses.

What are the dimensions of your power beds (power bases)?

The main, upholstered part of the base is generally smaller than stated dimensions, regularly 1" smaller in both length and width. The retainer bars on the corners extend to the stated dimensions. This allows the adjustable base to fit inside more bed frames and to help prevent interference when operating.

What are the dimensions of the different mattress sizes?

Because it is custom built and handmade, the size can vary from the listed measurements. Actual dimensions can be up to 1.5” smaller. Mattress Size Chart.

There are a lot of king sizes. I’m not sure which one to order.

Yes, we cater to many needs. That’s a good thing. Check out our detailed blog post with all the sizes'. More questions? Call us at 888.888.5990, and we’ll walk you through it.

I have a bed frame I already love. Will the system fit inside?

Probably, but not always. Our sleep systems and power beds are designed to fit within most modern bed frames, depending on the height of the lip and inner bed rails. That is one of the reasons we include modular legs. If you have any questions at all, call us. Remember that your sleep system is not returnable, so you want to be sure of this before ordering.

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