Power Base Support

Are there any troubleshooting videos available?

Yes, for assistance with your Reverie adjustable power base and remote please view these troubleshooting videos.

How do I pair my remote with the power bed?
  • To re-pair a Bluetooth remote click here to review the instructional video or here for written instructions.
  • To re-pair a signal frequency remote click here to review instructional videos for remote pairing or here for written instructions.
My remote isn’t working. What should I do?

For radio frequency remotes follow the steps below to get your remote up and running again. Each step has a link to a Reverie Hack for troubleshooting this issue.

Occasionally the rechargeable Bluetooth remotes will lose connection with your bed, for various reasons, including if you are using the Nightstand app. This is easily restored. First, fully charge the remote by plugging it into the provided USB charger. Once charged or the remote wakes up, it should automatically connect to the bed it was last paired with. If this does not work re-pair the bed following the steps in the instructions linked below.

Bluetooth Remote Pairing Video
Bluetooth Remote Pairing Instructions

My bed won’t move.

Follow the instructions above to ensure your remote is at full power and connected to your base(s). After you’ve done this, if the bed is still not working, check your power outlet where the bed is plugged in to make sure it is working. A lamp is a great way to test this. For more information on checking power please review our power source do's and don'ts.

What are the dimensions of your power beds (power bases)?

The main, upholstered part of the base is generally smaller than stated dimensions, regularly 1" smaller in both length and width. The retainer bars on the corners extend to the stated dimensions. This allows the adjustable base to fit inside more bed frames and to help prevent interference when operating.

I have a bed frame I already love. Will the base fit inside?

Probably, but not always. Our sleep systems and power beds are designed to fit within most modern bed frames, depending on the height of the lip and inner bed rails. That is one of the reasons we include modular legs. If you have any questions at all, call us. Remember that your sleep system is not returnable, so you want to be sure of this before ordering.

Help! My bed is stuck upright.

If you’ve lost power or have an inoperable power base follow these instructions to manually move your power bed to flat.

How do I raise or lower the height of my bed?

This is one of the great features of our bed. Most of our beds come with modular legs which can be installed in three heights, a minimum of 3” and a maximum of 11.25”. When your delivery team comes, they will install the legs at the height you prefer, then leave the additional pieces if the bed is not at full height. The pieces work on a screw, so you simply twist to add or remove pieces. One note: Our beds are heavy, so be careful when lifting. It is a two-person job. Never allow the bed to rest on it’s side.

Should the plastic on the power bed be removed?

This is up to you, but it was intended to be removed. However, it will not harm the bed to leave it on.

My Bluetooth remote won’t charge.

Plug the remote into the USB charger, using the USB cord. Make sure the connection is tight. The first charge should be for about 5 hours to ensure full power. If this doesn’t work, check your power outlet to make sure you have power. Lamps work great for testing this. If the power is still not working, then try a different mini USB charger and call us at 800.973.8374.

How do I control both sides of my split king with one remote?

To control both sides of the bed with one remote you will need to pair both sides of the bed to the remote you’d like to use. To pair the remote to the power base it is not currently controlling, follow the pairing instructions above or click the links below.

How do I pair my remote to operate both sides of the bed?

Still Need Help?

Please review our troubleshooting videos and FAQ's before calling us for faster resolution. Prior to contacting customer service please have your product information including your product code and serial number ready.

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