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What does the Reverie Nightstand™ app do that the remote won’t?

Nightstand, which is available for both iOS and Android, does everything the remote does and more. You can save an unlimited number of favorite bed positions, including massage settings, to supplement what’s on your remote. You can also combine all your favorite settings into one long routine, and save that into one setting that goes off in the morning or at bedtime. Another customer favorite is to set an alarm for the bed to raise, with massage, in the morning for a gentle nudge to wake up. Take a look at our video tutorials here for detailed information and step-by-step instructions for customized settings. Please note that your bed must have Bluetooth in order to use the app.

What do I do if I can't connect the Reverie Nightstand™ app to my bed?

Make sure that the Bluetooth on your device (phone or tablet) is turned on or enabled. Bluetooth may be disabled for the Nightstand app. Go to settings, scroll to Nightstand, and enable bluetooth for the app. If the settings are turned on something else may be connected to the bed. The power base can only be connected to one bluetooth device at a time. The connected device has to be disconnected for the app to connect and function.

Reverie Nightstand Overview

Pairing Your Bed to Nightstand

Nightstand App: Dashboard

Nightstand App: Comfort Settings

Nightstand App: Massage

Nightstand App: Setting Routines

Nightstand App: Setting Positions

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