Tempur-Pedic® Power Base Support

Troubleshooting tips and guides, videos, and replacement part options for your Tempur-Pedic power base.

Try a few simple troubleshooting steps to see if your power base is still operational.

Order any necessary replacement parts for your Power Base with the help of a Sleep Specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions

My remote isn’t working? What should I do?

Follow the steps below until your remote is up and running again. Each step has a link to a Reverie Hack for troubleshooting this issue.

First, Change the batteries! If it’s still not working, ensure the base(s) is paired to the remote. Still not working? Call 888-222-3560 for help diagnosing the issue.

My bed won’t move.

Follow the instructions above to ensure your remote is at full power and connected to your base(s). After you’ve done this, if the bed is still not working, check your power outlet where the bed is plugged in to make sure it is working. A lamp is a great way to test this. For more information on checking power please review our power source do's and don'ts. Still not working? Call 888-222-3560 for help diagnosing the issue.

Do I need a new Power Base?

Unless your frame has been damaged, there’s no need to replace your entire bed! Save money, time, and moving headaches by simply upgrading your existing parts with new, high-quality parts designed specifically for your Tempur base. The steel and wood frame of your power base is just fine, and recycling them by simply upgrading your parts is a great, sustainable option.

How do I pair my remote with the power bed?

To re-pair your remote review instructional videos for remote pairing, or refer to written instructions.

I bought my Power Base years ago. Do I need new parts?

Most likely. Over time and periods of extended use the parts of your power base experience a lot of wear and tear so new parts may be necessary. It’s also a great idea to upgrade your parts for faster, quieter adjustments and massage.

What replacement parts are available?

Reverie has developed and manufactured parts to ensure you always have the most up-to-date technology and features for your Power Base. See your replacement parts below.

If troubleshooting didn’t fix your Power Base, order your Tempur-Pedic replacement parts to get your Power Base functioning like a brand new bed.

Need help? Call a Sleep Specialist.

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