For part two of our interview with three-time Olympic figure skater Patrick Chan, Reverie's® Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Tan took him through our science-based Sleep Quiz to determine the quality of his sleep by examining a variety of different factors. Want to take the Sleep Quiz and find out how your sleep really rates? Take the quiz for yourself here, and along with your results, you'll get personalized tips on how to make your sleep even better. You can find part one of our interview where we talk about the role of sleep in recovery here.

Lisa Tan: Recently we introduced a new service at Reverie called Reverie Sleep Coach™. It goes back to habits. Most people in North America are sleep deprived—they're getting less than 7 hours of sleep a night, and they don't realize the huge connection between sleep and their health. So the idea behind Sleep Coach is to raise awareness of this, and it all starts with a quiz. I’m pretty excited to ask you the quiz questions because I have a suspicion that you are a model sleeper.

First question: on a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate your sleep quality?

Patrick Chan: I would say a 4.

L: And how many hours do you sleep per night? Less than 7, 7 to 9, or more than 9?

P: I wish more than 9 [laughs]. It’s actually 7 to 9.

L: Does anything interrupt your sleep more than 3 times per week? And you can select all that apply. The options are “too hot”, “kids”, “partner”, “need to go to the bathroom”, “pets”, “other”, or “none of these”?

P: I would say the only one is “too hot”. Heat has always been an issue for me, but nothing other than that.

L: Do you go to bed at the same time every day? Never, rarely, sometimes, or frequently?

P: Sometimes.

L: Do you wake up at the same time every day? Never, rarely, sometimes, or frequently?

P: I would say frequently.

L: Do you use any of the following in your bedroom: TV, laptop/phone/tablet, a nightlight, an eye mask, white noise, blackout curtains, or none of these?

P: In my place in Michigan, I have blackout curtains. I’m a true believer in them, I think they're wonderful. White noise, yes, because we have a noise machine. Laptop, yes, I’m guilty. No TV, though, I think having no TV in your room is important. I never grew up with one in there. And eye mask, yes, sometimes.

L: How many times per week do you have alcohol in the evening? Never, 1 to 2, 3 to 4, or 5 plus?

P: [laughs] I have to say 5 plus. I have a glass of wine every night with dinner.

L: That’s a good wind-down strategy.

P: Now that I’m retired it’s okay [laughs].

L: Is your bedroom dark at night?

P: Yes.

L: How often do you use sleeping pills? Nightly, weekly, monthly, infrequently, or never?

P: I would say never.

L: Do you have any caffeine after 2 pm? Never, rarely, sometimes, or frequently?

P: Rarely.

L: I guess I don't even have to ask you this next one [laughs]. How often do you exercise each week?

P: Now? I would say 3 to 4 times, and that’s being generous.

L: That’s good, you’re adjusting to a change of pace. Do you work after 8 pm?

P: Sometimes.

L: Do you ever work second shift or night shift?

P: No, never.

L: Do you get sleepy sometimes during the day? Never, rarely, sometimes, or frequently?

P: I don’t.

L: Is your weight where you want it to be? The options are “It’s been a struggle”, “I don’t want to talk about it”, “I could lose a few pounds”, “I could gain a few pounds”, or “I’m at a healthy weight”.

P: I’m at a healthy weight.

L: Have you ever been diagnosed with a sleep disorder?

P: No.

L: Do any of the following describe your current life state: high stress, health issue, injury/surgery, frequent traveler, very active?

P: I would say frequent traveler, and very active.

L: What priority do you place on your sleep? Low, medium, or high?

P: High.

L: Perfect! Now we’ll see your results.

P: I got “Slothy Sleeping Superstar” [laughs]. That was fun!

L: Well done! You are in a very rare category. We have close to 10,000 data points, and about 50% are in a “C” category, which means they’re “Slightly Sleep Deprived.” You’re in the perfect category, though. I think some things you maybe felt a little hesitant to respond to honestly, and that accounts for the reality of life. You don't have to be perfect to be a good sleeper, you just have to be aware of what it takes to have good sleep health. I think your history of thinking about recovery and utilizing it as a tool for amazing performance certainly pays off.

P: Even when you’re always looking for the best sleep every day, you’re gonna have nights where you don't have the best sleep. Just like an athlete has the occasional bad night, it’s completely normal. The key is just building your awareness.

Want to know how your sleep compares to Patrick's? You can take the Sleep Quiz too! In just two minutes, find out how your sleep really ranks based on a variety of different factors based on sleep science—plus, get customized sleep tips along with your result that you can start using tonight.