Did you know that nearly 10% of people suffer from neck pain, and approximately 70% of those with chronic neck pain experience less-than-stellar sleep at night?

One of the most important aspects of a quality bed–aside from overall comfort–is support. A mattress lacking in support is a recipe for muscle aches and pains, night after night. When you suffer from pain at night, it can feel impossible to get the proper rest you need while sleeping soundly. How do you combat these muscle aches and pains? Does it matter what position you sleep in? Are there mattresses out there that can prevent and alleviate pain before it starts? Read on for our full breakdown. 

The Best Sleeping Positions for Neck Pain

Many adults prefer to sleep on their side. It’s comfortable, and it can reduce irritabilities like snoring and acid reflux. But for those with back or neck pain, side sleeping needs to be done properly in order to provide full support to those areas. Opt for a pillow that allows your head and neck to rest at a neutral and aligned position with your body–not angled too high or too low. Avoid pillows that tilt your head upward or downward too much, as it can actually lead to even more discomfort and pain. 

Sleeping on your back is another great way to manage neck pain, as well as spinal aches! One trick recommended by experts is to use a small pillow or rolled-up towel at the base of your neck, to allow your head to follow the natural curve of your neck while you sleep.

The Worst Sleeping Position for Neck Pain

While it’s a popular sleeping position for many, laying on your stomach is not advised for those with neck or back pain. This position usually forces your head to turn to one side, causing an unnatural increase in weight along the neck. If you’re a common stomach sleeper, try to slowly train your body to rest on your side or back at night instead. 

Reverie Beds Can Help Neck Pain

Our patented Dream Supreme mattresses paired with an adjustable bed base are the perfect solution for those with neck and body pain! Reverie Sleep Systems allow for complete and total control over your sleeping positions, as well as customized comfort from our DreamCell foam springs. 

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