Your Mattress FAQs Answered by a Sleep Specialist

You have questions—we've got answers. Not sure where to start when it comes to a new sleep system? How about a conversation with Steve Mason, our expert Sleep Specialist, certified Reverie®️ Sleep Coach™, and all-around guru in Reverie products and sleep? In our chat with Steve, we went in-depth about what people are looking for when they start sleep shopping, and how our leading technology and design can make that decision a little easier.

First, we talked to Steve about his role here at Reverie:

How long have you worked at Reverie?

4 years.

What do you love about the company?

There are two things. One: being able to be a part of a company that is truly trying to change an industry is really rewarding. The innovation and technology that we are coming up with is second to none. I look forward explaining to people what I do and the products and services we offer because they always come away in awe of everything. Two: I get to work with a great group of people. It’s almost like a second family. Everybody is super helpful and willing and I’ve been able to gain a lot of great friendships through my time here.

What’s the highlight of your job?

Being able to actually make a difference in people's lives. So many people struggle to get a solid night's sleep, so whether it is getting them into something much more comfortable or giving them the relief that they need due to a certain health condition/injury is a great feeling. My biggest satisfaction is hearing clients I’ve worked with months or years back saying how much our Sleep System has helped them.

You recently went to CES to present Reverie Connect™. Can you tell us about that?  

Yes! So this was our second year at CES, my first. I probably presented to over 100 CES attendees the upcoming Reverie Connect and the R600 adjustable base. People were blown away by both the product and our vision as a company. Being able to show off something that these people have never seen before incorporated into their bedroom and see their faces after giving them the full demonstration was a great experience. I got to talk with a ton of interesting consumers as well as other businesses who were really impressed with our upcoming technology. The vast majority of everyone I talked to wished they could get a better night’s sleep, so being able to actually show them how we can help was pretty amazing to see.

There are so many mattresses and bases to choose from in the market. How should someone begin their research? What’s the deciding factor?

Most people are dealing with something, whether it’s physical or an issue with their current mattress. Focus on that and see how different options out there can help solve your problem. The deciding factor is different for everyone. Most people just want relief, so they are looking for something that can fit their needs. Finding something of value is a big one too. It’s an investment and people are looking for quality. A lot of people will read reviews to best gauge how others experienced the product.

How would you describe a power base to someone who’s not familiar?

I keep it very simple. A power base gives you control of your bed and allows you to sleep and relax in different elevated positions with your head and/or feet up.