Has your sleep been a little sub-par lately? Looking for something to help with your slumber, but not exactly in the market for a new mattress? No problem! We’ve put together a list of 5 affordable sleep solutions that will help give you a leg up on getting those zzz’s.

1) Sleep tracking apps

When it comes to sleep, just knowing concretely what your sleep looks like can help you figure out what needs to change, and that’s the idea behind sleep tracker apps. The ability to see real data on your nightly sleep habits may give you just the insight you need to make an improvement. 

While we can't vouch for the pinpoint accuracy of the data collected by sleep trackers (simply due to the limits of current available technology), we can definitely say that trackers do a great job of encouraging sleep consistency, which might be just the most important factor of sleep health.

Sleep Cycle is an app that uses your smartphone’s microphone to detect the different stages of sleep based on your breathing and movement (as well as any snoring that may occur). For iPhone folks, the Pillow app syncs with your Apple Watch and automatically detects when you’re asleep without you needing to set anything in the app before bed. And the great news? They’re both free (with the option to pay for an upgrade with premium features, of course).

2) Eye Mask

Even a sliver of light can prevent you from getting good-quality sleep. An eye mask is a great way to ensure that no light slips through and you’re able to sleep soundly. An affordable, lightweight eye mask should be easy to find at any big-box retailer.

3) White noise machine

Fun fact: even though you may think you hear less while asleep, your ears are actually still capturing sound—your brain is just acting as a filter, only causing you to register sudden, strange, or loud sounds. White noise helps to make your brain a little less edgy by creating a consistent aural environment so you’re less likely to be awakened by intermittent noises. Sound like something you could use? Check out this white noise machine from Sharper Image which features a lot of different calming, natural sounds to choose from, along with classic white noise.

4) Blackout curtains

Light is a well-known enemy of sleep. Thankfully, we’re not entirely at the mercy of the sun (or headlights or neon signs). There's a wide array of blackout curtain options out there that will make your bedroom the ideal environment for sleep. Here’s a high-quality set we found that’s not too pricey.

5) Reverie Sweet Slumber pillow

It’s always a good time to treat yourself to a new pillow (especially if your old one’s no longer providing the support it used to)! And our Sweet Slumber model gives you luxury comfort at an affordable price—we’re talking a moisture-wicking silk-like cover, with a microfiber fill for that just-fluffed feeling every night you lay your head down. 

We hope one of these recommendations will help make it a little easier to improve your sleep quality going forward, and remember that good sleep habits are doable no matter what your budget is!