Last week I found myself down for the count with the flu. Yuck. It wasn’t like a truck ran over me. It was like a whole fleet of trucks. My nose felt like a hot air balloon was pumped up inside and straining to get out. My eyes itched. And my infamous attack sneeze was unrelenting. It comes on like a $135K Tesla. 0-60 in a half a second, then it explodes. Not fun.

So here’s the thing. Being an optimist, I never for one second considered how great my bed might be when I’m sick. But it merits a totally overused word: awesome. Awe. Some. And then some.

Outsmarting your runny nose

No sleeping flat, where all the nasty stuff could take up residence in my lungs and maybe lead to pneumonia. No propping myself up with pillows that inevitably pop out, compact, or wedge into a sweaty uncomfortable shape. Nope, I raised the head of my bed up to about level 40, put my softest pillow under my head and actually slept most of the night on my back. Just to repeat; I didn’t toss and turn, endlessly coughing with a throbbing forehead… my usual flu modus operandi. Instead I slept. On my back. Quite the achievement for a side sleeper, by the way.

Sleeping better with the flu

Another thing. Those charming aches and pains you get with the flu. They hurt me a lot less when I retreated into my bed. I scooted over to the soft side of my mattress (the other side is medium) and pulled my duvet up under my chin. And I felt like those foam springs cuddled everything that was sore. Even though I never nap mid-day, I crawled into bed in the early afternoon, too heavy-headed to draw the shades. I put the bed in Zero Gravity and slept for several hours.

I’ll lay a little science on you now. The experts agree. Sleep is something that’s proven to be good medicine for the flu. And according to Scientific American in their blog post, “Can a good night’s sleep prevent a cold?,” there’s also overwhelming evidence that great sleep helps to prevent colds and flu. So the more you know about sleep, the more amazing it is. For practically all aspects of your health.

So, to sum up. I know I work for Reverie. Read this with a jaded eye if you must. But, as most people here know, I am a truth teller. Can I say I actually enjoyed the flu? No. That would be ridiculous. But I was way, way less miserable with the flu in my Reverie bed. Based on plenty of personal experience with flu and sinus infections, I honestly think I cut my downtime in half. So when I think of reasons I love my new bed, I’m filing this one under #grateful.