One of the main reasons that life, as it was 150 years ago, looks so different to us today is the enormous amount of technological advancements that have come along and changed how we live our lives. Instant communication with friends half a world away, traveling across a continent in a matter of hours, and getting anything imaginable shipped right to our door would’ve been inconceivable a century and a half ago.

Yet, for all these improvements that have made our lives easier over the years, there’s one essential part of our daily lives that hasn’t made any big technological leaps: the bed. Maybe it’s because we’ve been sleeping since the dawn of time and so we assume we have it down pat, but our beds have been essentially the same for hundreds of years: flat, with maybe some spongy material for comfort. A revolution for bed tech is on the horizon, however, and it’s being sparked by one innovative game-changer: the adjustable bed frame.

Adjustable bed = better sleep

In this day and age, it’s pretty likely that you’ve at least heard of adjustable bed frames (or beds with an adjustable base). You may have even experimented with one on a showroom floor. But you might’ve thought, “Well, it’s nice, but it’s probably just another unnecessary luxury.” The reality, however, is that an adjustable bed frame is important because sleep is important, and an adjustable bed frame helps you sleep better.

The ability to maneuver your bed into the position that’s most comfortable to you eliminates tossing and turning every night. Trouble with you or your partner snoring? Elevating the upper body facilitates easier breathing as you sleep. Elevating your feet can help to relieve soreness or swelling related to poor circulation. If your frame has a zero gravity position that can elevate your upper body and feet at the same time, this can help to relieve problems with back pain. This list could go on.

Without a good night’s sleep, you are not working at 100%. Without a good night’s sleep, you’re more apt to be grumpy, less likely to be a team player, and there’s a good chance that you’ll make more mistakes throughout the day. But an adjustable bed frame saves the day by making your nights more restful.

Adjustable Beds: The Future of Sleep

An adjustable bed frame can do more

In the same way that your cell phone does so much more than just make calls, a modern adjustable bed frame is able to do so much more than move your bed into different positions. Here are just a few examples of what the best adjustable bed frames are capable of:

  • Bluetooth®️ connectivity, allowing you to adjust your bed’s position straight from your phone (as well as other cool things like a raise-awake alarm)
  • Under bed night light to make nighttime trips safer
  • Advanced lumbar support with several points of adjustment
  • A massage feature (like Reverie’s®️ 3D-Wave massage technology with separate head and foot control, which is proven to help people wake up feeling more alert)

Adjustable bed frames are the future

Adjustable bed frames are clearly the future of how we sleep, but are they really catching on? The numbers definitely say so. Research shows that over ⅓ of consumers are interested in purchasing an adjustable bed frame, and 9% of all U.S. consumers already own one. And the popularity of adjustable bed frames is only going up—between 2011 and 2015 there was a 201% growth in the number of adjustable base units being shipped to customers.

If you’re ready for your sleep to have the comfort and convenience of 21st-century technology, it’s time for you to start sleeping in an adjustable bed. Here at Reverie, we pride ourselves in producing a diverse line of adjustable bed frames capable of meeting every need and budget, without compromising an inch on quality or engineering. 

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