What if you could get a relaxing massage at any time of the day, at your command—no scheduling necessary? What if you could even drift off to sleep in your own bed while getting the massage? Sounds like a dream doesn't it? But with Reverie®, this dream can be your reality.

We are all about increasing the comfort of our customers, so massage was naturally a feature we decided to include in a number of our revolutionary power beds. And to offer something more beneficial than the other massage furniture tech out there where the "massage" is just a flat, uniform shaking, we designed what we call our 3D-Wave™ massage technology, which moves the massage in waves throughout your bed and is able to provide a deeper level of comfort.

To show you that our 3D-Wave massage is the real deal, here are five proven health benefits that this uniquely-designed massage function can provide to you.

1. Fall asleep faster

A power bed with 3D-Wave is a great option if you’re looking for a natural, pill-free approach to better sleep. 57% of participants in a Michigan State University study (details about the study can be found here!) found that 3D-Wave massage helped them fall asleep more easily. 

2. Increase circulation 

3D-Wave massage is like an ocean with waves—it utilizes resonant frequency to create a circular motion that stimulates blood flow. This option is great for mornings, helping to get the blood flowing after a night of rest and immobility. 

3. Stick to a bedtime routine

One of the best ways to improve your sleep is to stick to a consistent sleep schedule. With the Reverie Nightstand™ app, you can automatically set a timer for a massage before bed while you watch your favorite show or read a book. After 30 minutes, the massage shuts off and cues you to turn off the lights—the perfect wind-down routine.

4. Have more energy during the day

In the MSU study, the majority of participants reported a better mood upon waking up and more daytime alertness, rating their alertness as 35% higher than those who did not use the massage prior to sleep. 

5. Relieve sore muscles and swelling

The combination of raising the feet and turning on massage is great for those who stand on their feet all day, those who experience swollen feet, or anyone who is a frequent exerciser. 47% of the MSU study participants found relief for their sore muscles, and raising the feet above the heart is quick and easy relief for swollen feet and ankles.

These health benefits, combined with a whisper-quiet motor, make Reverie’s 3D-Wave Massage the perfect solution for those looking to enhance the comfort of their bed and the value of their sleep. If you'd like to take a deeper dive into how our 3D-Wave massage technology works, check out this entertaining and informative video featuring Reverie's very own Chief Marketing Officer, Lisa Tan.