Investing in a quality bed that supports your specific sleep needs is crucial. But what if you love your current bed, and just want to spruce it up a bit? Or, what if you’re ready to start completely new? Whether you’re in the market for a new sleep system or just want to add some bed upgrades, Reverie has you covered. Let’s go over the benefits and timelines of both.

Upgrading Your Current Base

Waking up every morning should feel refreshing and revitalizing. A mattress that supports your body and an adjustable base customized to your daily needs is a dream team - no pun intended. Reverie’s endless options of bed upgrades for your current base give you convenience and comfort, at the fraction of the cost. If you’re in love with your current mattress and want to amp up your power base, upgrading is the right choice. Reverie’s skilled sleep experts can equip your current base with the most up-to-date technology, like wireless connection to the Reverie Nightstand app and a top-of-the-line lift motor guaranteed to make your adjustable base stronger, faster, and quieter!

Modern Innovations in Sleep Tech

While your power base may have been top-notch when you bought it, modern innovations have completely changed the game. Reverie’s bed upgrade packages allow you to experience a brand-new adjustable bed base without ever having to take a trip to the store. When you upgrade with Reverie, you’ll even have the option of adding on Reverie Connect™ voice activation so you can operate your bed using a Google Home or Amazon Alexa device. With an upgrade package, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the benefits of a brand new, high-tech power bed (with all new parts and a warranty) at a fraction of the cost of a new adjustable base. It’s also a great opportunity to make use of your existing steel and wood frame. Why go through the trouble of having a new base delivered and having to dispose of the perfectly good frame you already have?

Ready to Start Fresh?

On the other hand, maybe your entire current sleep system has run its course. If you’re waking up with body aches, feeling restless at night, or just generally uncomfortable, chances are your mattress and base are no longer serving you and it’s time to start fresh. Reverie’s revolutionary collection of mattresses, bases, remotes, and more provides you with a comprehensive sleep system designed for maximum comfort. 

Comfort Designed for You

Our Dream Supreme II mattresses are offered in either all-natural latex or a hybrid option that combines the velvety feel of memory foam with the natural breathability of a latex mattress. We believe that every sleeper is unique; so inside every Reverie mattress, you’ll find our patented DreamCell® foam springs, which come in four different levels of firmness. These fully moveable DreamCells allow you to adjust your preferred firmness level for both sides of the mattress, as often as you want. 

The Sleep Dream Team

Paired with one of Reverie’s various adjustable power bases, your Dream Supreme mattress will help you drift off to sleep comfortably and wake up feeling better than ever. Reverie power bases allow you to choose from sleeping positions like anti-snore, zero-gravity, feet up, reader, and more. Plus, some models even include cutting-edge features like wave massage, an under-bed LED nightlight system, Bluetooth technology controlled through an app, and more. 

No matter what stage of sleep you’re in, Reverie is here to make your bed.