If you’re looking for reading to help you decide on the layout and décor for your bedroom, you might read some interior design books, a couple of issues of House Beautiful Magazine, some articles on the HGTV website, and…the Book of Burial? The morbid title may not imply a trove of insights on curtain color and bed placement, but this classic Taoist work from the 4th century A.D. may actually be the only literature you need.

Written by the mystic Guo Pu, this ancient work was tremendously influential on the development of feng shui. You may have heard the term “feng shui” tossed about in relation to how the design and décor of your home can affect the flow of energy and the overall atmosphere of a room. Literally translated as “wind and water,” the art of feng shui draws on Chinese principles of metaphysics and the belief that an invisible energy, known as qi, unites everything in the universe. By arranging the objects in your life in a certain way, you allow qi to flow freely through them, thus cultivating good vibes in all your spaces.

In the bedroom, where you harness the life-renewing force of sleep, qi becomes perhaps more important than anywhere else. Make sure your bedroom is set up to be a peaceful, restorative, and lucky space by following the feng shui principles below: