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Sleep Systems

Sleep Systems

Customized comfort means a better night’s sleep

Each Reverie Sleep System includes a mattress customized to your specific firmness preferences as well as an adjustable foundation that allows you to find your most comfortable sleeping and resting position with the touch of a button.

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  • Dream Supreme Sleep System

    Dream Supreme Sleep System

    Experience the ultimate in customized and customizable sleeping comfort with Reverie’s premium sleep system. The Dream Supreme Sleep System™ includes a beautifully upholstered adjustable foundation with deck-on-deck design and a customized 11" DreamCell mattress that’s made just for you and can be easily reconfigured at any time to change firmness levels
  • Dream Sleep System

    Dream Sleep System

    The Reverie Dream Sleep System™ provides a customized, great night’s sleep for you and your partner. The Dream Sleep System includes an upholstered adjustable foundation and a customizable 10" DreamCell mattress that can be easily reconfigured at any time to change firmness levels.
  • Dream Lite Sleep System

    Dream Lite Sleep System

    The Dream Lite Sleep System™ provides affordable luxury with a custom-made mattress and an adjustable foundation.

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