Sleep Systems

Great sleep.
It’s about more than just a mattress.

It’s an entire system, customized from top to bottom.

A Reverie sleep system is the perfect pairing of pure comfort plus world class engineering. It’s been designed to be flexible enough to meet your specific needs for comfort as well as those of your partner. A mattress designed from top to bottom to provide maximum support options, and an adjustable power base that ups your sleep game with endless comfortable options.

Dream Cells

Our DreamCell™ mattress. The ultimate sleep enabler.

Firmness that can be custom fit on the left and right to allow you and your partner to sleep peacefully. Your choice of feel in a comfort layer, either velvety memory foam or responsive natural latex. Innovative sizes to meet your needs.

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Dream Cells

The Reverie adjustable power base. Comfort that will move you.

If there were ever a more personally rewarding piece of furniture than our adjustable bases, we haven’t seen it. It is purely, decadently, dedicated to your own idea of comfort. Raise it; lower it. Enjoy some quiet with AntiSnore position. Massage away stress and sore muscles. You’ll wonder how you ever slept – or lived – without a Reverie sleep system. It’s that good.

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