Maximum customization from top to bottom.
For both of you.

Two different feels. Your choice.

This year, we’ve taken the idea of customization even further. Because everyone is different, we’ve given you a choice of how your new mattress should feel with the introduction of our new hybrid mattresses to complement our popular natural latex line.

New Memory Foam Hybrid

A luxe, velvety feel. These are a combination of memory foam and latex, for all the comfort of memory foam without the heat. They have a luxurious feel that you gently sink into.

Dream Cells

Classic Reverie Natural Latex

These mattresses have a light, buoyant feel. You rest on top, as if you’re being supported by a cloud. Made with all-natural latex, which sleeps cool and is naturally hypoallergenic.

Dream Cells

Not sure which one is for you?

Unlimited firmness options.

Of course, what lies underneath the feel of the comfort layer is what provides most of your support. Our mattresses use individual DreamCell foam springs in four different firmness levels, from extra soft to firm. We arrange these cells in a specific pattern to create maximum comfort for you and your partner based upon sleeping position, size and any health issues. You can even unzip the mattress and reconfigure the firmness if your needs change in the future.

Dream Cells

He said/she said? No problem.

Can’t agree on how firm or soft your mattress should be? Every Reverie mattress can be configured differently on the left and right, to make sure both partners get the perfect firmness.

Dream Cells

Specialty sizes for split power bases.

Choose our innovative new DreamTop. Maximum cuddle potential but it’s built to allow both of you the full independent movement of a split king base underneath. Need your own territory? Try our Split King, with two fully independent mattresses and bases. With this size, you can even order a memory foam hybrid mattress on one side and a natural latex on the other.

*Features vary by model.

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