Memory Foam

The Reverie Sleep System

How is it made ?
Reverie’s natural rubber (also known as natural latex) is manufactured using a proprietary formula. Our latex mattresses are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and excellence.
Memory foam, a petroleum-based product, is made with chemicals. Its quality standards vary greatly, and it is manufactured by various manufacturers.
Is it healthy?
Natural rubber (also known as natural latex), eucalyptus and bamboo are anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. Additionally, natural latex is dust mite resistance, creating the combination for a clean and healthy sleep environment.
Memory foam is not inherently anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, or hypoallergenic.
Will it make me hot at night?
Reverie’s natural rubber (also known as natural latex) cylinders—called DreamCells™–keep air moving through the mattress to keep you cool, which is important for uninterrupted sleep. The natural eucalyptus or bamboo cover is breathable and wicks moisture, another important factor in mattress comparison.
Memory foam is body heat-activated. It’s also a closed-cell material, and therefore it’s not breathable and often sleeps “hot”.
How does it respond to my body?
Because it is one of the most responsive materials known, natural latex mattresses adjust perfectly to your body’s curves and contours.
Body heat causes the material to become softer. However, over time, it may become less responsive and slower to return to its original shape.
Does it have enough support?
Reverie’s natural latex mattresses (ranging in depth from 8-12 inches) are made of natural materials. They contain over 200 individual support cylinders—called DreamCells—made of natural latex that allow you customize your unique firmness level.
Most memory foam mattresses have only 1-3 inches of foam on top of a large block of standard urethane foam. Often, in an effort to cut costs, filler material is added to achieve higher “pound density”.
What about pressure points?
We configure the DreamCells into specific patterns (depending upon your firmness preferences) to reduce pressure on specific areas of your body like hips and shoulders.
The memory foam layer tends to compress rather than offer pressure relief. The urethane substrate often detracts the softness of the memory foam.
If my partner moves around will I feel it?
Each DreamCell is independent of the rest. If you move one, there is very little motion transfer.
It depends. If you are sleeping close to your partner, you will feel the compression of memory foam as your partner moves. If your partner is on the other side of the bed, you probably won’t feel anything.
Is it durable?
Our products are designed to last, and we stand behind them with a limited lifetime warranty on our mattress and a limited 20-year warranty on our adjustable foundation.
Memory foam is made from petroleum, and over time it can begin to deteriorate and crumble.