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The Reverie Sleep System

How is it made ?
Proprietary Reverie formulation of natural rubber (also known as natural latex) manufactured to the highest standards of quality and excellence.
Made of metal and covered with layers of various foams and fabrics.
Is it healthy?
Natural rubber (also known as natural latex), eucalyptus and bamboo are anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic. Add in natural rubber’s dust mite resistance and you have the right combination for a clean and healthy sleep environment.
Metal springs are contained in layers of foams and fabrics. Many synthetics are used that may be havens for dust mites, bed bugs – even mold and other bacteria.
How does it respond to my body?
Because it is one of the most responsive materials known, natural rubber (also known as natural latex) adjusts perfectly to your body’s curves and contours. When paired with a an adjustable bed power base, this responsiveness and adaptability becomes even more effective.
Springs react to pressure by pushing back. So instead of conforming to pressure points, they push against them.
Does it have enough support?
Reverie latex mattresses (ranging in depth from 8-12 inches) are made of natural materials. They contain over 200 individual support cylinders—called DreamCells™ that allow you to customize your unique firmness level. Experience complete customization by finding the perfect DreamCell configuration for you, then locking in your favorite position on your adjustable power base.
Metal springs can bend and fatigue over time causing the mattress to sag – not what you want to spend a third of your life on.
What about pressure points?
We configure the DreamCells into specific patterns (depending upon your firmness preferences) to reduce pressure on specific areas of your body like hips and shoulders.
Springs are “springy”. The more you push against them, the more they push back. This creates pressure points in your shoulders, back and hips.
If my partner moves around will I feel it?
Each DreamCell is independent of the rest. If you move one, there is very little motion transfer.
Many spring mattresses have wires connecting the rows of springs with border rods holding them all in place. When you press one side, the whole bed moves.
Is it durable?
Our products are designed to last, and we stand behind them with a limited lifetime warranty on our mattress and a limited 10 year warranty on our adjustable foundation.
It is a wound metal product that is cost effective for the manufacturer but can change and sag over time.