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productcontainerAt Reverie, we believe that sleep is an essential part of being at your best. Too many people don’t know how to get a good night sleep, or think that quality sleep just means waking up pain-free or somewhat rested. We know it means so much more. It’s about waking up rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready for your day!
bedimagesOne of the first steps in how to sleep better is finding the right support system, comprised of a mattress and a power base, also known as an adjustable bed foundation. Great sleep only happens when your body is most comfortable and relaxed, and we all have unique sleep preferences, so Reverie Sleep Systems are customized for you and your partner’s needs. Not only that, they’re designed to meet your sleep needs today and to change with you over time, so you’ll be comfortable and sleeping well no matter where life brings you.
circlebedEach Sleep System includes our proprietary Reverie mattress and adjustable foundation, or power base. The customizable mattress support system uses our patented DreamCell™ technology, which allows individualized support levels for you and your partner that can be adjusted at any time. Our power bases allow you to set your most comfortable sleeping and relaxing position with the touch of a button.
With a driving motivation of showing the world how to sleep better, Reverie has been pioneering sleep science innovations since it was founded in 2003. Our industry-leading mattress support systems and adjustable foundations are produced and distributed at facilities in Michigan and New York, where we also conduct research to improve our products and make great sleep a reality for everyone.

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“ Since I've taken delivery of this mattress I have yet to have to crawl out of bed because of back ”

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Your body isn’t a one-size-fits all, nor is it static. Reverie sleep systems are designed to fit you and your partner’s needs today, and change with you over time. Customized comfort means better sleep each night so that you feel your very best each morning.

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