Sleep And Athletic Performance

Learn how you can get a competitive athletic advantage through better sleep.

Keys to Sleeping Better and Unlocking Your Athletic Potential

DO NOT do any of the following Have caffeine after the early afternoon Eat a big meal or have alcohol within 3 hours of when you intend to go to bed Take long naps during the day – sometimes it’s … Continue reading  »

Sleep: the Third Essential Element

How much do you think about how well you sleep? How important do you think sleep is to your performance in CrossFit? What about your general health? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think much about how well … Continue reading  »

The Four Stages of Sleep – How They Impact You as an Athlete:

Sleep occurs in cycles throughout the night, with each sleep cycle taking approximately 90 minutes. Our body’s biological clock controls all of this, and technically the sleep cycle is one of our many “circadian rhythms”. There are 4 identifiable stages … Continue reading  »