From the time you get your bed and over the next 101 nights, it will be our passionate mission to help you sleep better.

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Our company was built around the idea that great sleep is not one size fits all. People have different body types, personal preferences and a range of health conditions. They prefer a range of sleeping positions and firmness levels. And usually those needs have to be met for two people sharing the bed.

This is why we created a bed that is the most customizable one out there. With a power base that enables you to sleep in an infinite nuber of positions. And a mattress with variable firmness on both sides.

Before we send it to you, we customize it to our best estimate of what will meet your needs, based on your in-depth consultation with our Sleep Specialist. Once you receive the bed, most companies would be done with you. But at Reverie, that's when our commitment to you really kicks in.

You see, we're not some giant conglomerate. We're a privately owned company of sleep warriors that really do care. Our Customer Experience team is more than double the size of our sales team. We view it as so important, we handle all customer service out of our headquarters in Detroit.

From the time you get your bed and over the next 101 nights, it will be our passionate mission to help you sleep better. We think we're in this together, so you'll be hearing from us on a regular basis. We'll call a few days after you receive your sleep system to make sure the delivery went okay. Then after 30 nights of sleeping on our bed, we'll call to see how it's going and to start the fine-tuning of your bed.

Often the bed is perfect from the moment it gets there. But frequently, we have to tweak things. Allergies, health conditions, sore spots... every person has their own issues. That's okay. Our bed is built for that.

But it doesn't stop there. We will keep checking in periodically over the next 101 Nights to see how it's going. You'll be amazed at our dedication and kindness, all in the effort to help you achieve your goal of great sleep.

By the time 101 Nights arrives, you'll be sleeping better, or we'll be worn out from trying. We hardly ever fail, honestly. But if we do, then we will absolutely pick up your bed at no charge to you. No hard feelings. Everyone deserves great sleep, and we will sincerely wish you well.

What does all this mean?
You can buy any Reverie bed with confidence. Because we keep our word. Always.

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