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The Surprising Relationship Between Sleep and Metabolism

September 6, 2014
Woman Sleeping in Bed

Since working out boosts your metabolism,[1] it seems pretty obvious that doing the exact opposite—hitting the hay and lying completely still—would then…also boost your metabolism. Wait, huh? When placed up against “calories in, calories out” theory, this makes no sense. Your metabolism is reduced by about 15% when you sleep[2], so why doesn’t racking up Read More »

Reverie Sponsors the New York Rhinos

August 14, 2014
New York Rhinos red logo

We at Reverie are proud to announce that we’re now the official Sleep and Recovery sponsor of the New York Rhinos. We’ve long been proponents of the value of sleep as part of a rounded training protocol and a healthy lifestyle, and we’re excited to partner with an organization that exemplifies the very best in Read More »

The Secret Sauce of the World’s Fittest Man

July 24, 2014

“I rely on sleep more than I do my nutrition.” For a man like Rich Froning, this is no hollow statement. A CrossFit colossus, the man is the very embodiment of athleticism and, after three consecutive wins at the CrossFit Games, is currently enjoying the title of the World’s Fittest Man. The secret, by his Read More »

Trip-Saving Tips For A Good Night’s Hotel Sleep

May 21, 2014
Striped Cotton Pillows on Bed

Cramped planes, time zone changes, a new climate-your body has a lot to adjust to when you travel, which is why it’s critical that you at least get a good night’s sleep. But even veteran road warriors can have a hard time sleeping well in a strange room.  Thankfully, there a few easy tips you Read More »