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The ZZZ Before the Storm: Fascinating Sleepers of History

December 10, 2014
einstein stamp

Extraordinary sleep makes for extraordinary feats. We know that some of the world’s greatest athletes, like Lebron James and Rich Froning, sleep at least 10 hours per night. We also know that quality sleep helps to increase focus, memory, and creativity—which makes it all the more impressive that some of history’s most remarkable figures had Read More »

7 Ways an Adjustable Foundation Will Change Your Life

December 3, 2014
adjustable bed frame

When someone sits down in one of those office swivel chairs, the first thing they often do is fiddle with the adjustable settings. They’ll raise the seat, lower the armrests, tweak the tilt of the back until it’s in their ideal position. This high standard of comfort is great (we’re all for total comfort over Read More »

Everybody Is Wrong: The Real Reason Thanksgiving Food Makes You Sleepy

November 27, 2014
turkey tryptophan

It’s not like Seinfeld isn’t a great show. It’s the best, Jerry! But, groundbreaking though it is, it’s not the most scientifically accurate sitcom. We’re referring to the episode during which Jerry tries to trick his girlfriend into falling asleep so that he can play with her extensive action figure collection: Here, Jerry and George Read More »

The Surprising Link Between Sleep and Digestion

November 24, 2014
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The season of holiday grub is upon us, and though we may have the noblest of moderate intentions, a little overindulgence is inevitable for most of us. Thankfully, when self-restraint fails, there are actually steps you can take to hack your digestion, supercharge your nutrient absorption, and minimize all the bloating and discomfort that accompanies Read More »