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4 Reasons Athletes Should Prioritize Sleep for Maximal Performance

February 11, 2015
woman on latex mattress

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who feels better when they’re sleeping less, and the science is rock solid in this regard: a lot of studies show that high quality rest is linked to a lower risk of depression and a more positive outlook on life. But what about those of us who are Read More »

5 Tips to Get Sleepy Kids Out of Bed in the Morning

February 2, 2015
twin size bed

Getting kids out of bed in the morning is never easy, and with the recent transition from holiday vacation back to school—not to mention frosty mornings that make cozy blankets all the more tempting—it may be harder than ever this time of year. As lazy mornings eating pancakes in PJ’s are replaced by buzzing alarm Read More »

Train Hard, Sleep Hard: How Sleep Improves Athletic Skill

January 19, 2015
sleep health and training

There’s nary an individual among us who doesn’t know that being tired is the pits. But it wasn’t until recently that we understood just how deep in the pits it is—it doesn’t just make you groggy, but it also makes you more prone to fat gain, messes with your decision making abilities, and puts the Read More »

Junk Food: Scientifically More Delicious When You’re Sleepy

December 17, 2014
chocolate cake

Those late night cram-a-thons in college, the all-nighters you’ve pulled to meet a deadline at work—they’ve just never felt quite right unless you had heaping piles of chips, Taco Bell, cookies, and soda by your side, right? Stress, a lack of sleep, and deliciously terrible food choices are a threesome as inextricably linked as squats, Read More »