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5 Common Dreams and What They Mean

May 22, 2015
dream catcher

It’s time for your toast at your daughter’s wedding, the moment you’ve pictured in your head for years . Or it’s the day of your big presentation at work, the PowerPoint that could get you that promotion. Or maybe you’re approaching that cute friend-of-a-friend, the one you’ve wanted to ask on a date ever since you Read More »

Why a Good Night’s Sleep Tanks Your Diabetes Risk

May 19, 2015
couple riding bicycles

Insulin is the kind of word that everyone has heard and few people understand, but it’s critically important for literally everybody on Earth. Insulin affects how well your body absorbs nutrients, how it processes carbohydrates, and plays a major role in your body fat—both how much you have and how easily you can lose it. Read More »

Sleep and Social Skills

May 7, 2015
sleep and social skills

Have you ever stayed up late to finish off some work so that you’d be free to enjoy the weekend? Sacrificed sleep one night so you could be the life of the party the next? When your obligations pile up, sleep is usually first on the chopping block. If you need more time to get Read More »

How a 5-Minute Phone Call Can Change Your Sleep Forever

May 5, 2015
sleep specialist

If you needed a haircut, would you ever skip the salon, grab a pair of scissors from the craft cabinet, and go to work? If you were experiencing a collection of strange symptoms, would you eschew the doctor’s office and attempt to self-diagnose with some help from Internet comment threads? How about buying a house—would Read More »