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Why Skimping on Sleep Is a Major Career Mistake

April 20, 2017
sleep and career

Sleep Deprivation and Your Work There are a number of questions that an interviewer typically asks a potential candidate for a position. “What relevant experience do you have?” “Do you work better collaboratively or on your own?” “What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?’ An increasing amount of data indicates that it would behoove hiring Read More »

Six reasons you can’t sleep

April 18, 2017
why you can't sleep

Toss, turn, repeat. Just. Go. To. Sleep. Sometimes all the self-talk in the world won’t get us to dreamland. In many cases, we can trace hard-fought sleep back to various life stressors: bad bosses at work, a relationship gone south, or any of the various worries that ail us. But, what about when we’re calm Read More »

3D Wave Technology: Massage bed feature you’ve been missing

March 20, 2017
3d wave massage bed

A better massage bed. Since everyone could de-stress and relax more these days, adjustable foundations come with many different functionalities. A relatively recent – and great – innovation is the addition of massage.  Using the principle of resonant frequency, our adjustable beds come equipped a higher end massage experience, which we call 3D Wave technology. Read More »

Reverie 9T Adjustable Power Base Tutorial

March 14, 2017

There are typical adjustable power bases, and then there are Reverie power beds. The 9T is our very best, setting the standard for combining technology, function and beauty. It’s the missing piece to transform your bedroom into a luxurious and peaceful oasis. We could go on and on about the 9T, but a video is worth Read More »