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Sleeping in Outer Space – Zero Gravity Sleep

November 2, 2015
night sky

Some of us have dreams that we’re in outer space or on faraway planets. Others are actually in outer space or on faraway planets when they dream. It’s not an element of space travel that gets much press, but sleep in space is an inevitability for astronauts who spend months (or over a year!) at Read More »

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Watch TV Before Bed

October 29, 2015
tv in bed

It’s Sunday night. You’re curled up on the couch watching the third (or seventh…) episode of the TV series you’re currently obsessed with, repeating the mantra of “Just one more” until your eyelids are slowly pulled downward, your vision blurs, your head sags… You jolt awake, haul your body to the bedroom, and crash for Read More »

Will Halloween Sugar High Keep Your Kid Up All Night?

October 26, 2015
girl eating chocolate

Who doesn’t secretly look forward to the free pass to eat endless candy on Halloween? But if you’re a parent, your excitement about the approaching holiday is probably mixed with a sense of dread that has nothing to do with encroaching zombies, Minions, and pizza rats. We’re talking about the infamous sugar high rush that you Read More »

Is “8 Hours Per Night” a Myth?

October 14, 2015
alarm clock and bed

It can be a little unsettling when you realize that we spend a solid third of our lives unconscious. So, how much sleep do we need and do we truly need to sleep for a third of our time on this planet? Well, that’s what we’ve been told.  To sleep eight hours for optimal energy levels, stress management, immunity, and recovery from exercise.  But then, Read More »