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Does Sleep Improve Long-Term Memory?

November 25, 2015
9T bed foundation with duvet

Is there something you absolutely need to remember? One of the best ways to guarantee you do so is to go to sleep. Though it may seem tempting to stay up and prep one more time for the big presentation tomorrow, you may be doing yourself more harm than good. Sure, an extra hour or two Read More »

5 Ways an Adjustable Bed Foundation Improves Your Sleep

November 19, 2015
hybrid mattress side view

When you learn to drive, you’re taught that the first thing you should do–the thing upon which all your other driving capabilities depends–is adjust the vehicle so that it’s customized to you. You slide the seat forward or back so that you can comfortably reach the pedals, recline the seat or bring it forward so that the Read More »

How To Sleep Better Away From Home

November 16, 2015
christmas at home

When you load up the car to head to Mom’s house for the holidays, don’t forget the essentials: cozy sweaters, the cookies you baked for your little cousins, the bag-loads of presents…earplugs. Yup, earplugs. No, they’re not to pop in when friendly family chit-chat turns to the 2016 presidential race. They’re part of your sleep-better-anywhere Read More »

Sleeping Positions & Which One is Right For You

November 3, 2015
dog with child

Are you a side sleeper? Back sleeper? One of the fabled few who can sleep on their bellies? Is there actually such thing as a “best” way to sleep, and even if there is, does it matter? First, a simple answer: Yes, some sleeping positions are more advantageous than others. Back Sleepers Back sleeping is Read More »