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6 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

January 19, 2016

Some sixty million American adults reportedly experiencing insomnia in a given year (that’s almost half of ‘em), and at least forty million suffer from long-term sleep disorders. The fact is that no matter how counterintuitive it might seem, falling asleep can be damn hard work—and the harder you try, the more likely you are to fail. Like trying Read More »

4 Ways to Combat Dry Winter Air

January 13, 2016
Humidifier for dry air

There’s something about going to sleep in the wintertime that feels more satisfying than at other times of year. When the weather outside is hostile and chilly, crawling beneath thick blankets and curling up in your bed feels cozier and more comforting than ever. But sleeping during the wintertime does have one pretty serious drawback: Read More »

What Will the Future of Sleep Look Like?

January 4, 2016
future of sleep

Sleep has changed somewhat  since we flopped into our caves after a hard day of mammoth chasing, hasn’t it? Mattresses have evolved from straw to springs to latex and rubber. We invented light bulbs, upturning the natural order of “sleep when it’s dark” and causing our internal clocks and melatonin secretion to go haywire. Heck, Read More »

7 New Year’s Resolutions You Should be Making

December 28, 2015
sleep diary

You know the old story about the frog? If you drop one into a pot of boiling water he’ll leap straight out, but if he floats in water that heats up gradually, he’ll stay put until it’s too late? There’s something to be said about your health, here, and in particular your sleeping habits. Over Read More »