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Enter: A New Wave of Detroit Tech & Tourism

June 26, 2017
Downtown Detroit

Here’s the reality: when many people think of Detroit, they think of a city in a past tense. The city that was the nation’s manufacturing hub. The city that did invent the automobile. It’s true that Detroit has a rich history. But here’s a competing, equally true reality: Detroit is a city in a future Read More »

Sleeping on a plane. Nine tips.

May 19, 2017
sleeping on a plane

Planning a trip is exciting. Once you have booked everything, the countdown begins. About a week before you fly out, you start to mentally prepare yourself for the flight you must endure to get to your final destination. Sleeping on a plane is challenging for most people. Here a few tips that could help you get Read More »

Better Sleep Month 2017. 31 Tips to Celebrate.

May 4, 2017

May is Better Sleep Month. Who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep? (Well, small children but they can’t read this.) We’ll be publishing a tip a day for the entire month of May. Each tip is to help you sleep better through minor changes to your daily life. So come back daily to sleep better Read More »

The Pleasure of REM: Sleep Tracking

April 27, 2017
REM sleep tracking

Both as a neurobiologist and human, I love REM sleep. REM sleep is a special stage of sleep. When we are asleep, our bodies and brains cycle through different kinds of sleep every couple hours. At the beginning, the cycles contain more deep sleep and slow wave sleep, both of which help reset the body Read More »