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The Non-Boring Gifts for Dad

June 1, 2016
Gift Ideas Montage

Buying a gift for Mom so easy. But Dad always seems tougher. It’s enough for those of us who pride ourselves on being thoughtful gift-givers to capitulate and buy a box of golf balls. Again. Not this year, though. Because we’ve come up with some gifts for dad this Fathers Day that are definitely not Read More »

Memorial Day: the history of Arlington National Cemetery

May 26, 2016
Arlington National Cemetery

Memorial Day is always a much-anticipated weekend off. Of course, on this particular weekend, it’s good to spend time reflecting on what the holiday is actually about and the sacrifices that made our way of life possible. In honor of Memorial Day, here’s a short history on Arlington National Cemetery. George Washington, Robert E. Lee and Read More »

Mind blown: headaches and poor sleep

May 20, 2016
Headaches and Sleep

If you suffer from migraines, you know the drill. Avoid caffeine and strong scents. Cross your fingers and hope the barometric pressure doesn’t change. Have some sumatriptan on hand. Keep the lights low and try hard not to throw up. Gulp. Five million Americans had at least one migraine last month, and 30% of women suffer from Read More »

Amazing New Sleep Fabrics

May 16, 2016
new bed sheet materials

When was the last time you changed your bed sheets? Hang on—we’re not talking about just putting on a fresh pair when the last set goes in the wash. We’re talking about a more substantial change, a change that could seriously impact the sleep quality of you and your loved ones: we’re talking about bed Read More »