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Sleeping on a plane. Nine tips.

May 19, 2017 By Kayla
sleeping on a plane

Planning a trip is exciting. Once you have booked everything, the countdown begins. About a week before you fly out, you start to mentally prepare yourself for the flight you must endure to get to your final destination. Sleeping on a plane is challenging for most people. Here a few tips that could help you get more sleep and be ready to have fun when you arrive. Let’s start with booking your flight.

How to Sleep on a Plane 2Tip #1:  Booking your flight during less popular days or time frames could not only be cheaper, but you have a better chance of having a flight that is not full. That increases your chance of having a seat next to you empty or even better the entire row to yourself. Can we say, makeshift bed?

Tip #2:  The section of the plane you’re on can be essential to sleeping on a plane. Our suggestion is to choose a row not too close to the restroom. Regardless of how long your flight is, there are going to be multiple people going to the restroom and chatting with the flight attendants while waiting for the restroom. While all of this is happening, it is disturbing your sleep. Not to mention, you may wish you’d brought some air freshener. Yuck.

Tip #3:  Now that you’ve found the right flight, the right row, it’s time to find the right seat. Everyone has their favorite seat, though the middle is never it. For optimal, undisturbed sleep, the window is the way to go. In the window seat, there is no one to climb over you when they need to go to the restroom, you can let down the shade to reduce the light exposure, and you have a place to rest your head that is not your neighbor’s shoulder.

Tip #4:  Now it’s time to get those last-minute things taken care of, like what to wear. Dressing up for a flight is for famous people who will be photographed at the airport. The rest of us should dress in comfortable clothes. According to the Mayo Clinic, our bodies can swell while in the air, and certain clothing can become uncomfortable especially during long flights. Loose clothing is the way to go.

How to Sleep on A Plane 3

Tip #5:  Putting yourself in the right seat only means so much if you can still hear the passengers throughout the plane. Earplugs can block out some of the sounds, making it easier to relax. Noise-canceling headphones are another option. Playing music or white noise could ease you right to sleep. Using earplugs with your headphones can maximize your chances of quiet time.

Tip #6:  Keeping yourself relaxed is essential for sleeping on a plane. A pillow, eye mask, and sweater can help get you to that zen state. The travel pillow, aka the U pillow, is commonly worn behind the neck. Wearing it backward can support your chin, potentially preventing a neck snap from happening. The eye mask can block out overhead lighting and the sun. If you tend to get cold, a cozy sweater can be a more sanitary way to stay warm than using a blanket and pillow from the airline.

Tip #7:  It’s never fun to make restroom trips on an airplane. You have to bother other passengers, and it disrupts your sleep as well. Go to the restroom before take off and avoid drinking too many fluids throughout the flight, so it will be less likely that you will have to go during a short flight. Also, avoid alcohol. Though it will help you get to sleep, it tends to cause more sleep disruptions.

Tip #8:  While sleeping through the entire flight is the goal, you should do so naturally. Using sleep aids disables your ability to function fully. They also can cause you to wake up groggy, which could make you too tired to enjoy yourself when you land.

How to Sleep on a Plane 4Tip #9:  When you’re all bundled up and sleeping, the last thing you want is to wake up so the flight attendant can check that you are wearing your seatbelt.  Wear your seatbelt over your sweater or blanket, so that it is visible to the attendant, can extend your nap about 30 minutes while the plane is descending.

We know your sleep is very important and traveling tends to throw your schedule off. Hopefully, by using some of these tips, you can become a pro at sleeping on a plane, and arrive less tired. Now, relax, recline, get a little shuteye, and prepare to enjoy your trip. Sleep well!