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Five essential habits for productivity from our CEO

Dec 6, 2016 By Martin Rawls-Meehan
CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan

I go to bed every night with a heavy cloud of to-dos hanging over me, and wake up with a flood of emails on top of that. I’m sure you know the feeling.

As the CEO and co-founder of Reverie, I am often asked how I personally balance running a rapid-growth company, with our core philosophy, which is to help people sleep better so they can live energized, productive, empowered lives. It’s not easy to balance excessive workload with family responsibilities, getting a workout in, and sleeping well, but I have developed some morning habits over the past 13 years of developing and growing Reverie. Hopefully a few of these five habits can help you, too.









1. Focus on getting a good night’s sleep, every night.

I’m not kidding. Staying up late to tackle your mountain of work may give you short-term gains, but you’re eventually going to crash. That crash could come in the form of a big numbers mistake, oversleeping, or being completely worthless the next morning. Likewise, you can justify binge watching TV shows as a means of blowing off steam, but what you’re really doing is blowing off your body clock, which will make you feel out of sync the next morning. Research shows that you should be getting at least eight hours of sleep per night. Take advantage of the extra hour we just gained by daylight savings time and put it to some good use!

Female runner tying her shoes preparing for a jog








2. Get your blood flowing.

You may not feel like doing a hard workout first thing in the morning, but studies have shown that athletes who exercise before they eat show superior gains in their performance. Maybe that means a slow, mind clearing jog or some mobility exercises while you work your way up to cardio. Morning workouts also have the benefit of increasing your endorphins, kick starting your metabolism, and giving you your first achievement of the day. When I work out in the morning, I do a short-but-very-intense workout.

Bowl of oatmeal

3. Eat a healthy breakfast.

I am usually running late, and squeezing breakfast between waking up, working out, getting my daughters out the door, taking calls from overseas, and getting to work on time can be challenging. But not eating is a quick path to irritability and mental fogginess well before noon. My go-to for sustained energy is a spoonful of coconut oil with a piece of dark chocolate. Trust me, it works. Dip the chocolate into the coconut oil so it tastes like a candy bar. Or if you have the discipline to prep the night before (like my wife), make some overnight oatmeal layered with almond milk, walnuts, dried coconut, and frozen blueberries. That way you can easily grab your breakfast and take it to go.


4. Prioritize your day.

For me, this means scanning and responding to emails before I get out of bed. That way I can nip potential flare-ups in the bud. I also take a look at my calendar to help plan my day. Finally, I use my drive into work to make calls. It’s the time when I’m most likely to reach people, and get projects kicked off when everybody’s minds are at their freshest.









5. Take a moment to do something personally meaningful.

Spend some time with your family before heading off to work. Catch up on personal emails. Call your mom or dad.

By incorporating some of these habits into your everyday routine, you’ll start noticing the positive effects not only to your mind and body, but also in the outcome of your work and personal relationships.


Martin Rawls-Meehan co-founded Reverie in 2003 at the age of 23. Since then, Reverie has become an industry leader with nearly 2 million beds sold. Martin lives outside of Detroit with his wife, a marketing executive, and their two young children.