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Sleep and Weight Loss: Why Shut-Eye Is Essential

Sleep and Weight Loss There are a couple oft-cited “epidemics” in America, one being obesity, and the other inadequate sleep. Unfortunately, it’s not just attention-grabbing headlines: according to studies, over one third of Americans are obese, and one third don’t get enough sleep. The closeness of these two figures may be more than coincidence. A Read More »

8 Olympic Athletes On the Importance of Sleep

For the next couple weeks, the world will come together to watch in awe as the world’s most elite Olympic athletes come together and showcase their incredible—almost superhuman—skill. Every four years, the summer Olympics present us again with these feats of human physicality, and every time we are once again amazed. Because, well, what they Read More »

Vitamin Zzz’s…4 Vitamins To Help You Sleep

When people think about what vitamins can do for them, they often conjure images of feeling more energetic, being more clear-headed, seeing more clearly, fighting off sicknesses more effectively. They think about the impact these little pills will have on their day-to-day lives. But what about their night-to-night lives? We don’t think of these benefits Read More »

Will Halloween Sugar High Keep Your Kid Up All Night?

Who doesn’t secretly look forward to the free pass to eat endless candy on Halloween? But if you’re a parent, your excitement about the approaching holiday is probably mixed with a sense of dread that has nothing to do with encroaching zombies, Minions, and pizza rats. We’re talking about the infamous sugar high rush that you Read More »