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The problem with memory foam mattresses. And how we solved it.

Nov. 2016. Today is a proud day at Reverie®. After years of intense development, we’re launching a whole new line of Hybrid memory foam mattresses. They are an upgrade to memory foam mattresses in almost every conceivable way. They unflinchingly throw cool shade on the problem of memory foam heat while also adding more durability Read More »

Memorial Day: the history of Arlington National Cemetery

Memorial Day is always a much-anticipated weekend off. Of course, on this particular weekend, it’s good to spend time reflecting on what the holiday is actually about and the sacrifices that made our way of life possible. In honor of Memorial Day, here’s a short history on Arlington National Cemetery. George Washington, Robert E. Lee and Read More »

Reverie Partners with WNBA Finalists Minnesota Lynx

Even if the Minnesota Lynx weren’t headed into the WNBA finals this week (which they are), Reverie would have been beyond excited to have partnered with them this season. Why? Because they’re an inspiring, powerful, and talented group of athletes (not to mention hilarious—just check out these gifs in their Twitter feed). For all those Read More »

Help a Child Have Sweet Dreamzzz Tonight

Think back to your childhood bedtime rituals. Did you have a particular parent who came and tucked you in? A favorite bedtime story you’d have them read? A beloved pair of pajamas that you just loved crawling into? A cherished stuffed animal that you’d snuggle as you drifted off? Those memories of going to bed Read More »

Announcing the Winner of Reverie’s Dream Supreme Sleep System Giveaway!

Today, Reverie is excited to announce the winner of our #sleepstrong sweepstakes! In partnership with Greatist and MindBodyGreen, this exciting giveaway offered our community the opportunity to win a Reverie Dream Supreme Sleep System—a $7000 value— (a latex Dream Supreme Mattress and 8Q Adjustable Bed Base) by entering the contest and helping spread the #sleepstrong Read More »