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3D Wave Technology: Massage bed feature you’ve been missing

Mar 20, 2017 By Reverie Staff
3d wave massage bed

A better massage bed.

Since everyone could de-stress and relax more these days, adjustable foundations come with many different functionalities. A relatively recent – and great – innovation is the addition of massage. 

Using the principle of resonant frequency, our adjustable beds come equipped a higher end massage experience, which we call 3D Wave technology. Four wave patterns and ten levels of intensity soothe your sore muscles, increase circulation and gently lull you to sleep. 

Reverie’s 3D Wave technology is unlike anything on the market, delivering ultimate comfort on demand. 

Here’s the difference between Reverie 3D Wave and other furniture massage technology … which we’ll call “2D.”

  • 2D Wave is flat. Other furniture technology just shakes the mattress, essentially smacking the bottom … That’s not comfortable. 
  • 3D Wave massage is like an ocean, creating a motion that induces relaxation and encourages blood flow, aiding in the body’s natural rest and recovery processes.
  • And by the way, Reverie’s 3D Wave technology is whisper quiet. Even when the head and foot are at full intensity, the noise is barely audible. Because we all know that loud noises are not conducive to relaxation.

Relaxation, increased blood circulation, and silent nights … what more could you ask for? Besides immortality, how about a company that never takes shortcuts on design or engineering?

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