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We’re now offering a housecall as an option for the ultimate in customized sleep. We will send a Reverie Sleep Technician to your home to further tailor your bed to your specific body type, preferences and health concerns. The Technician will adapt your mattress to a perfect fit based on recommendations from your Sleep Concierge. This could include reconfiguring the firmness configuration of your mattress, swapping out DreamCell foam springs, or changing your comfort layer.

Reverie sleep systems are the most customizable sleep product on the market, and this means that we can adjust your mattress as needed to ensure that it’s the most comfortable for you and your partner. The unique, patented, flexible design of our mattress allows us to further customize the comfort for you even after it’s in your home.

Most people love the feel of their sleep system when it’s delivered, but for those that need some comfort adjustments, we’re here with you every step of the way. Perhaps you need the mattress a little softer on one side and firmer on the other? No problem. Does one partner have a lower back that needs extra support? We can do that.


  • One home visit by a Reverie technician, scheduled at your convenience
  • In-person, on-site mattress consult with both partners
  • Expert rearrangement of DreamCell foam springs on both sides
  • Any additional DreamCell springs used in the new configuration are included
  • Any replacement materials for your comfort layer are included

Please note, this service is one visit only, so it is highly desirable for both partners to be at home when the tech arrives to ensure your satisfaction.

An example of how it works:

  • John and Mary currently have a Split King Dream Supreme II Natural Sleep Sytem. Overall, Mary likes her mattress but is experiencing a little shoulder pain. John feels his mattress is too firm. The Sleep Technician arrives at their house with a new comfort layer for John that addresses his need for a softer feel while maintaining the temperature regulation he requires as a “hot sleeper.” The Tech also adjusts Mary’s DreamCell configuration to micro-target her shoulder area and alleviate her discomfort.

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Additional Information

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