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Being a mom is enough of a workout

don't do it without a reverie bed

Hey moms: tired of being tired?


sleep awaits

Sleep is


If you're a mom, you're probably tired. It's hard work raising humans. At Reverie, we want to make every moment in bed count.

Rest your


heads: you deserve it

Our power beds turn your bed into a stress-relieving cloud of comfort. Whether you're pregnant or on your third child, this is the gift that keeps on giving.

rest with reverie

benefits of a power bed for moms

Feel the


of life-changing slumber

For the touchy-feelies out there: try it in person. Reverie offers 10+ power bed options with a variety of features and price points. Financing options start at $20/month (available at most retailer locations). Find a retailer below or learn more about our personal power bed recommendation for moms.

Check out our


Why You Need a Power Bed if You're a Mom or Mom-To-Be

If you're pregnant or already a mom, you know that sleep is both the sweetest thing and the hardest thing to get at the same time. A power bed can help.

Why expecting and new moms really need their sleep

Fertility specialist and OB/GYN Dr. Amelia Bailey shares three reasons why new and expecting moms should prioritize their sleep (and trust us, she's been there as a mother of two).

Moms: We Appreciate You

We are so excited to be embarking on this Reverie campaign for moms. The truth is, everyone needs a power bed. But moms need rest more than anyone.

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